Your People Are Your Advantage

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Future Business Leaders Programme

FBLP is a predictive route to custom-building the talent that your business needs to remain competitive.

Learning & Development

We work with you to develop and deploy an effective L&D strategy so that your team is always at its best

Talent Acquisition (Recruitment)

We know your people are your advantage and follow a detailed process to ensure you get the right talent for your business.

HR Consultancy Services

We are your go-to support for on-demand HR services and longer term HR solutions


UnoCasa is a full service Human Resources Consultancy business with focus on Talent Acquisition, Learning & Development and Consultancy services. Our raison d’etre is the notion that your people are your advantage and proffer people-centric solutions to ensure your team accomplish your business goals.

We are not your run of the mill HR Company, we believe in team diversity and teamwork; we believe that the workplace should have an ambience that inspires productivity of the team; and the application of technologies to enhance efficiency. We know that every business is unique and tailor HR solutions to your organisation’s needs.

Our clients are in various sectors not limited to engineering, education, health oil & gas, government, media, finance, retail, lifestyle, consultancy firms and services.


We’re really interested in your advantage

We work with your team to develop what works for you

We’re the best at what we do

We seek to understand your value statement

Your values are the lifeblood of your business and our first step in understanding your organisation’s needs are in deep-diving into your values.

We acknowledge your needs

Your organisation is unique and the solutions that work would have to cue into that uniqueness. We seek to carefully understand those needs.

We co-develop and implement your solutions

Collaboration is a vital part of ensuring your solutions are fit for your needs

We provide continuous support

Yes, you can count on our continuous support.


How to ruin trust in the workplace

How to ruin trust in the workplace

Alexander Oweka One of the biggest challenges any organization can face is a lack of trust amongst its employees. This lack of trust has been known to breed toxic work environments, as well as create petty rivalries that extend beyond the office. Also drama…lots of drama. If you wake up

Gender bias in the workplace

Gender bias in the workplace

It’s 2021, and despite the numerous advances we have made as a civilization, there is still some room for improvement. This is particularly true when it comes to gender bias in the workplace. Gender bias occurs when an individual is inclined towards or prejudiced against a certain gender. This concept