Managing Productivity in the face of COVID-19

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Managing Productivity in the face of COVID-19

Lagos, Nigeria’s economic nerve centre has been on day 2 of lockdown, and a little over a week of restricted movement due to the coronavirus pandemic. Employers have come to terms with a society that is ill-prepared to work remotely. Firstly, we are a people who prefer human contact and then there is the challenge of unstable power supply and internet connectivity, amidst several other factors that make it somewhat herculean for the average Nigerian to function effectively. 

But we all want to keep busy; it is good for business and great for our minds. We’re sharing our top 5 affordable tools you can use in maintaining productivity in the face of a very bad situation.

  1. Slack: If you haven’t tried this application, you are missing out on a great collaborative tool that allows you communicate, share documents and can easily integrate with a myriad of productivity tools.

What we love about slack: The free version is a steal with 10k messages, integration with 10 apps, 1-t0-1 video calls. You can separate conversations into different channels, keep tabs on projects and you can use the free version with no limits on the number of team members you can add.

Cost: The Standard plan, for small- and medium-sized businesses, starts at $6.67 per active user, per month, when you pay annually

2. Wheniwork is a great app that helps to track team members hours and scheduling. Team members can clock in wherever they are on mobile. It is a  perfect tool to improve team communication, eliminate excuses, boost accountability and allow focus on business growth.

What we love about WhenIwork: Scheduling is really simple and the free version allows up to 75 users for a single team or location. The paid plans have flexible payment plans.

Cost: This tool is also really affordable coming in at $2 per user per month for the basic plan.

3. Hubstaff: this software is both desktop and mobile phone friendly, it includes an online time sheet and project management tools for both small and large businesses. Hubstaff helps you keep track of the work your  team members  are on and the also monitor projects at every level

What we love:  This company knows first hand what is required to manage remote workers. Hubstaff monitors ongoing work by taking random screenshots.  

Cost: Paid plans range from $7 per user per month t0 $20 per user and per month.

4. Google Suite:  Google has been giving us a lot of joy since Larry and Sergey blessed the world with it.  In typical Google fashion, the G-Suite for business is a powerful resource with many tools in its arsenal. This family includes Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms, Gmail, Google Hangouts, and more.

What we love:  What’s not to love? The G-suite is intuitive, all inclusive and with Google Drive, you get up to 5GB cloud storage to share various documents, pictures, videos with your team.

When it comes to that package that helps you and your team create and manage projects, the G-suite is your go to.

Cost: The paid plan starts from $6 per person per month.

5. Todoist is a robust to-do list application for teams. The platform is simple but filled with customisable options. This app allows you track projects progression, set due dates, share files and comments, keeps the whole team informed on as so on.  It also allows automatic backups which can be restored at any time you wish to. Try Todoist free for 30 days, after which the plan starts at $3 per user, per month when you pay annually.

What we love: Todoist offers 30 days free trial for up to 5 people on 80 projects; that’s enough time to get a proper feel of the application. You can also sync real time across over 10 platforms keeping your team up to date on every device.

Cost:  This value for money comes in at a very affordable $3 per user per month.

Just because we are generous, we’ll throw in some extras; you can use Asana for assigning and managing projects; Dropbox for sharing small and large files, Hivedesk for tracking projects, Mural is perfect for creative teams to map ideas and Microsoft teams is just the best all-round tool that you can integrate with all Microsoft products and then some.

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