People and Connectivity – What COVID-19 is teaching Us

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People and Connectivity – What COVID-19 is teaching Us

When the world adopted the term global economy, globalisation, glocal et al, nowhere did we imagine just how truly connected we are. Faced with COVID-19, we are all coming to terms with how deep that river runs. Globalisation does mean that every part of the earth is connected as are our economies and systems. What COVID-19 is teaching is that whilst each nation is sovereign and should continue to be so, we must learn to care for the next one if we really want to mitigate the effects of incidents such as the coronavirus on the globe.

The way we live, work, travel and have fun has been altered by coronavirus; hopefully our new normal is bearable and the lessons we learn from this crisis make us better. Some of the lessons we take away are:

  1. One World: The world is more connected than we imagine. Evidently, what happened in China didn’t stay in China; I can’t help but wonder how different the world may have been if there had been concerted efforts to support China in December 2019.
  2. Health is so important: Most people will take health more seriously even if it is in the short term
  3. Operational Efficiency: Covid-19 has caused many companies to work more differently. One effect has been massive layoffs, another approach is making better use of technology to work more efficiently. This season is a test of how employee-friendly companies really are.
  4. Education: We can scale education and reach the poorest communities: Many teachers have adopted creative ways of reaching their students including using instagram live to ensure learning continues. With a little more creativity, we can improve access to education in our poorest and hardest to reach communities
  5. Flexible /Expand source of supplies: How and where we source raw materials needs to expand with more companies doing ethical business. People over profits!
  6. Robustness and Agility: How robust can your risk management be? In the end, it pays to include some level of agility to your risk management plan.

What lessons have you learnt from COVID-19?

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