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Try Something New

If you’re like me, then the very idea of going off routine and trying something new might make you a little twitchy; and that’s okay, I understand.

A couple months ago, however, I was reading a book I came to really love; “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck”, which majorly served to remind me that I’m a limited entity, in that I’m bound to time and that in the grand scheme of things, human life is quite fickle and can be snuffed out anytime. So I started to think. Do I really want to sail through life doing the same things every day, year in year out? You can guess what my answer was. (The answer was no, in case that wasn’t clear) Presented with a reminder of just how temporary life is, I knew I just had to try something new. If you need a little more convincing, here goes:

  1. Self-Discovery: Seriously, you don’t know until you try. When you try new things, you find out new sides to yourself. Who knows, you might just be a great skydiver. But you wouldn’t know because you spend all your time in the office.
  2. Different Perspectives: This one is partly philosophical. But could also could be taken at face value. There are certain things, people, ideas, cultures that we have warped views of, but you get clearer perspectives when you get closer, when you get a personal taste of them, a personal experience.
  3. Networking: Going out of your way to do something new helps you meet other people, with similar interests, with different worldviews. Meeting people is also one of the fastest ways to learn, to see the world through different pairs of eyes.
  4. Spice of life: Variety is the spice of life, and you most definitely would not be getting any variety from sitting behind your desk every day of the year. Tossing in one, two or ten new activities from time gives you something to live for, brings spice to your life!

Trying new things might be a tad frightening or unsettling if you’re a creature of habit, so you may want to start with the smaller things; things that could be incorporated easily.

 Stargazing: Whip out your yoga mat and a telescope, and take some time to observe the beauty of the stars
 Take a trip: Doesn’t have to be too far or too expensive. Just see a new place
 Learn new languages: Spanish and French are nice places to start!
 Get a professional massage
 Try a new genre of literature or music
 Try a new meal you’ve never had.

We’re not asking you to climb Mount Everest, we’re just saying don’t be boring, try something new.

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