Work Ethics to look out for

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Work Ethics to look out for

So you need new employees. A couple people quit, or whatever, and now you need new hands on your work team. However, you don’t just want people. You want a strong team, a formidable team and a capable team. What you want is a team of people you can put your confidence in, and trust they can get the job done. How then do you do this? How do you build this team of your dreams?

The answer is simple; two words – “Work Ethics”. Work ethics are so important, they absolutely can not be overlooked. The mini conundrum would be, “are there specific ethics I should look out for?” The answer is yes. There are a whole lot of great ethics, and it is difficult to come up with an exhaustive list of ethics, but there are some general ethics to look out for when building that team:

  1. Responsibility: This, unfortunately, is one quality that’s sorely lacking in a lot of people – the ability to truly take responsibility, to own their jobs, to be on top of their game. This is one key thing to look out for, dear employer. You want to be able to depend on your staff to do what they have to do whether or not you’re in!
  2. Optimism: A positive attitude will come in handy a lot of the time. You want members of a team who can look past challenges and will not be gloomy when things do not go as planned, or don’t go their way. You don’t want a team of sulking staff on your hands. Nobody wants that.
  3. Integrity: The fastest way to build up a brand is to establish trust with your customers. So how do you do this when you can’t even trust your staff?
  4. Flexibility: The business environment is constantly changing. Technology is changing and business patterns are changing; stuff is always changing. Having a rigid team would mean changing to fit the dynamics would be difficult for you because it would be tough to get them to make adjustments; and that would cause your business to lag. What you need is a team that is willing to move with the dynamics while adjusting and adapting easily.
  5. Professionalism: Imagine you take a member of your team out, for a meeting that could potentially determine the future of your company for the year ahead. You get to the meeting and your staff is chewing gum, or he tells a member of the board she “smells nice” or her bangles are noisy. Well you can kiss that year goodbye!

These are our top five, add whatever else is important to you, go out and build your formidable team!

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