Why you want to future proof your organisation with FBLP

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Why you want to future proof your organisation with FBLP

FBLP is a competitive placement programme and it future-proof organisations. It identifies your organisation’s skill needs from your strategy and co-develops learning that literally custom builds the skill for you, either as new talent or when you choose to re-skill or up-skill your in-house talent.

The very nature of the programme ensures it only draws and retains brilliant minds. Retain because some people are bumped off the programme, whilst others drop off by themselves if they are unable to meet the standards. The Future Business Leaders Programme (FBLP) is intense, competitive, challenges the norm, inspires, skills and prepares young people for work and indeed, life. In addition to preparing for paid employment, it also prepares for entrepreneurship and so of course we are fiercely proud of the group of people who happen to finish this programme. We call them to very high standards and just completing the programme places one in an elite group.

FBLP is robust and quick in delivering value and it saves you a lot of time when you employ new talent or want to re-skill your talent.

FBLP covers hard skills, life skills, soft skills and everything in between. In designing the programme, we spoke to business owners, job seekers, CEO’s and then we revisited the state of our great country Nigeria and Africa, the continent. We designed a curriculum and programme with the end in mind, the outcome that we all seek, the face of Africa’s future business leader; business leader in this case referring to enterprise and government. We all agree that leadership is required at every level and in every sphere. Leadership that thinks posterity and puts the people first, leadership that is selfless, leadership that pays attention to detail, leadership that inspires, leadership that knows its roots and rights, enter our history and citizenship modules, leadership that understands finance and reads between the lines, leadership, leadership, leadership.

With 65% of the continent’s population under 25 and few models to emulate, we take our future very seriously. We are solving today’s problems, but we are also future-proofing our businesses, societies and nations.

FBLP is a great investment for organisations. We’d love to hear how we should custom-build FBLP from you. 

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