Dare to STAND OUT: What is different about your workplace?

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Dare to STAND OUT: What is different about your workplace?

The world is still reeling from the effects of COVID-19 and although the uncertainties spring up by the day, countries, companies and individuals are eager to resume their lives and jumpstart their economies. Around the world, people are going back to their workplace in bits albeit with trepidation.

It is the season of the underdogs and the the three most important units of today’s workplace are:

  1. The Human Resources Department
  2. The Facility Management Department
  3. Administration or whichever department is in charge of procurement

As people return to work, it is necessary that HR supports management in  creating a workplace that reflects today’s realities.  While we are all focused on the bottom-line, we should also remember that it is people that deliver the bottom-line and it is time to put the human in Human Resources.

Our recommendations include:

  • Employment (The case for diversity and inclusion): Skill is found in all sorts of places and with remote work and digital being the order of the day, the opportunity to have a truly diverse team is at your fingertips. Diversity has many benefits and including a wide range of resources in your business means you have a warehouse of skill that can help you achieve your goals.
  • Flexi-hours: Who needs to be in the office and can function effectively remotely? Even though we continue to make the case for flexi hours, these hours shouldn’t be arbitrary. Whereas introverts may work very well remotely, we must remember that some people thrive in environments human interaction is important. It may be worth it to schedule hours according to personality types. Who needs the human touch to thrive and who  can thrive by working alone? 
  • Culture: It appears as though most teams will be blended with on-site and remote members. A strong culture is what will keep your team focused. How clear is your culture and how can you maintain it in a blended team?
  • The forerunners: No two businesses are the same and successful people define what works for them. Some of the companies we like and changes they have done over the years are:
    • Virgin, Netflix and LinkedIn with unlimited leave: At these companies, employees take as much holiday as they like when they need it.
    • Automattic holds auditions to find the right team members and uses a tryout period to figure out if a potential recruit is right for their business. This allows them identify PURE (Previously Undiscovered Recruitment Error) and avoid messy detangling
    • Github, Automattic, Helpscout: Working remotely means work will have to be appraised differently. Github, Automattic and Helpscout have figured out how to appraise remote teams.
  • Trust – The most important factor of all: At the crux of it all is TRUST. Trust is not a one way relationship, trust is built from consistency. Employees and organisations have to show each other that they can be trusted. Trust will maintain employee morale and increase productivity. Amidst the pain and uncertainty, how are you maintaining an environment where trust is key?

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