Is your Culture still relevant to your business today?

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Is your Culture still relevant to your business today?

The world continues to reel from the effects of COVID-19 and while governments are trying to keep their citizens safe, the realities of keeping the economy going is necessitating gradual but progressive unlocking around the world. That our normal has been forever altered, hopefully for better, is not in question and as more and more companies resume some level of face-to-face work, the question of how work should be done comes to mind. One thing that may be overlooked is culture. Is your organisational culture still relevant to your business today?

Every business has a culture; and this culture shapes everything from the workplace environment, to how they work, their interaction with customers, their interaction with other team members and to their interactions with society. Culture is the lifeblood of every business and is linked intricately with strategy.

Today, every business from the self-employed, to business owners and to large corporations have had to take a look at their strategy. Does it still align with their vision? Can it still accomplish their goals? While this continues to shift, (everything is shifting rapidly), it may be expedient to revisit culture as well.

Like vision, culture cannot be static. If we do accept that culture is the way we do things around here, and the things we do around here have changed, then it is important that we reconsider the way we do things.

How to evaluate that your culture is still relevant

  1. Back to the basics: What is your vision? Why are you in business? What did you set out to do? Can you still do it or do you need to start by re-shaping your vision?
  2. How do you want to accomplish your vision? (Strategy)
  3. What are the supporting actions will help you accomplish your strategy (culture)
  4. Match them against what you currently do and spot the differences. You can learn to evaluate your present culture here (jump to What’s Your Organization’s Cultural Profile?)
  5. Determine what will work for you today

Re-shaping your organisational Culture

  1. Keep what works, take away what doesn’t, add the new
  2. Does your organisational design match the culture? If not, consider re-design
  3. Leadership drives culture change; make sure your leaders are in alignment with your culture initiatives and are ready to be front line
  4. Communicate! Communicate!! Communicate!!!
  5. DO – Just do what you have decided; Consistently
  6. Every business is making painful decisions and will continue to do so; this may mean removing people from the team who cannot adjust to your culture or who will be detrimental to the culture change process. These decisions should be arrived at with careful consideration and planning and should be done humanely. You can take a cue from how Airbnb is managing downsizing Ignoring culture in the face of strategic change can be inimical to your business and though there is no quick approach to reinforcing or reshaping your culture, commitment to the process and consistency will get you the results you desire.

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