Skill Check – Preparing to Gain Employment in 2021

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Employment checklist

Daily you send your CV to different companies seeking employment. You wait and wait in hopes of getting that call or an email saying, “you have been shortlisted for an interview’’.

Eventually you get invited, and you are interviewed alongside other people. You anxiously wait for a response, hoping to receive the congratulatory mail/call.

When you do receive it, the content breaks your heart. You see “We are sorry to inform you that you didn’t make it to the next stage”.

Here is a familiar story: A fresh graduate who just recently rounded up NYSC is thrown into the labor market with hopes of getting a job. Only to see job ads with a minimum criterion of 5 – 10-year experience in this or that field.

This is what most people experience and its worse now with the current economic situation of the world.

  • How do you prepare to gain employment?
  • What are the things you need to do?
  • How can you be noticed and given preference over others? 

These are the burning questions people ask. Your OND, HND or B.Sc. is not enough. You need “Skills”. According to Wikipedia, a Skill is the ability to perform an action with determined results often within a given amount of time, energy, or both.

With this definition, why do you need or develop a skill? 

There are two types of skill set: Soft skill and Hard Skill.

Soft Skills are non-technical skills that enables you to fit in at a work space. They are characters traits and interpersonal skills that helps build relationship with people in the work place. These skills are not teachable but can be developed.

Hard skills are technical knowledge you have attained either in school, on the job or trainings. They are teachable skills, and it increases productivity and efficiency.

You cannot have one and leave the other…

Both are dependent on each other. But the thing is most individuals are wholly dependent on Hard Skills. For example, an Accountant is aiming to get a job and has the following IT skills (Hard Skill); QuickBooks, Sage, Microsoft Office, Peachtree etc. but lacks soft skills like critical thinking, creativity, people management, emotional intelligence, judgement, and decision making. This creates a gap, thereby hampering that individual’s ability to deliver excellently on the job.

Quite recently, soft skills have seen a rise in demand, but they are now more vital due to the shift in workplace culture due to the pandemic (Covid19). A 2014 survey from Career Builder found that 77% of employers believed soft skills were of equal importance as hard skills. Another survey by Adecco polled more than 400 senior executives, 55% of respondents felt that employment candidates were lacking soft skills such as the ability to think critically, communicate clearly, collaborate with others, and to look at problems critically. These are the kind of skills that stand you out amongst others.  

Understand the skill most relevant to the career choice you want, and take steps in developing it. There are numerous online resources available to aid you in this quest. As long as you are consistent, you will grow

“Your skill can be either an asset or a liability.” 

― Justin Ho, Your Skill, Your Wealth Builder 

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