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New year, new goals. Start with reviewing your CV

As the official work week commences and we all set our goals or plans for the new year – new opportunities, new jobs, higher responsibilities within our organisation. Your resume is probably the most critical document you want to look at. And by resume, even your digital ones on LinkedIn and other social media count.

Your resume sells you to a potential employer or business partner and should not be taken for granted. Your resume is not a one-off document. You should have a baseline document and update it based on how your skills fit into a particular role you applied to. 

How to update your resume 

You have audited your skills, evaluated your likes, set your goals. You understand the kind of work environment you thrive in, and identified the industry you want to work in; what is next?   

  1. What role(s) are you best suited for within that industry?
  2. Identify and benchmark roles within the industry or across sectors. This helps understand technical and soft skill requirement as well as the career progression paths available to you.
  3. Understand how your transferrable skills make you right for roles and learn how to communicate them clearly.
  4. Update your resume by doing the following:
    • Use a career summary instead of objective and summarise your experience as succinctly as possible.
    • Use action words to update your skills so your document is alive. Write to show you understood your previous roles; impact in/on the organisation; as well as how your day-to-day activities added value to the roles and organisations.
    • Keep language simple and in keeping with the times.
    • Prepare to not be passed over by the ATS. Remember that your resume is a living document that needs update per job role that you qualify for. Look for what each job role requires and ensure you use the requisite keywords. Learn more here  

The steps above are a guide that should help you sell your skills better. You can use several online resources and tools to learn more about updating your CV. Alternatively, our expert consultants are available to help you update your resume. Contact us on  

Keep an open mind in your job search, be committed, focused. Just have fun in the process – it’s all part of your growth.


In writing this article, we assume  you have conducted a skill audit; made the important decision to change jobs or careers, and have a search plan for the future you have imagined. 

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