Want to hire the best? These are the top recruitment trends for 2021

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Want to hire the best? These are the top recruitment trends for 2021

Recruiting the right people on your team is every organisation’s goal. The right people understand your vision, have a sense of ownership. They view success as both personal and organisational. They are also committed to the growth of the company amongst many other positives, including learning from failure. Getting recruitment right is key.

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If you have ever made a recruitment error, you know how costly it can be to your business – with regards to time and money. A series of bad hires increase turnover. This can have a domino effect: on the one hand, bad hires do not fit; and on the other, they cause other employees to leave.

This affects team morale. Other team members worry that they are not doing the right things; that they need additional time to supervise their work; and cause general disruption to your operations. Statistically, the US Department of labour say a bad hire can cost up to 30% of their gross salary. These costs include some or all of recruitment and onboarding cost, training cost, work tools and the sheer disruption to internal operations.

Presently, organisations are reviewing their operations and policies following the seismic changes induced by COVID-19. It is important to understand who makes up today’s job market. It is also important to understand the conditions in which they prefer to work; how to get the best talent for business excellence and continuity. There is some level of pre-work every organisation (small or large) needs to put in place before hiring, they include:

  1. Clarity of vision and organisational goals
  2. A clear understanding of who would fit into your organisational culture
  3. Clear responsibilities and expectations of the role(s)
  4. A workplace that allows people thrive individually and collectively  

To attract and hire the best talent, your recruitment process should be influenced by:

  • Virtual Interviews are here to stay: Your talent pool has widened and deepened with the flexibility offered by virtual interviews. You can interview potential candidates anywhere in the world at your convenience and not miss out on potential team chemistry or the one-on-one experience.
  • Opportunity to embrace DEI and increase your organisational competitiveness: Presently, most people can comfortably work 100% remotely. The argument for having a truly DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) workplace is tilted in favour of the employee. Broaden your employee and customer base by accepting the diversity of thought that people with various experiences bring. Recognise that not everyone started on the same level or had equal opportunities. Understanding this helps level the playing field and everyone is treated equally.
  • Talent pool development: At UnoCasa limited, we advocate for developing a bespoke talent pool for your organisation. If anything, the talent gap has been made visible by recent global events. Many companies have recognised that they just do not have the talent to meet the future of work. It is imperative that companies understand their hard, as well as soft skill needs and attract talent to fill them.

Other options include…

  • Project based hiring: Workplace needs are changing, and talent needs are also changing. A good strategy to get the top talent and manage costs is to consider project-based hiring.
  • Maximising in-house skills: Let’s face it, we are all still wary about spending money unless necessary and recruitment is a cost to any organisation. You might want to ask yourself how well your current team is being utilized. Ensure you are not underutilizing your team members and offer opportunity to allow for some stretch. The stretch will lead to mutual growth for the employee and company.
  • Flexible working conditions: Flexible working conditions is an attractive employee benefit. Flexi-hours grants access to work for many people, at their convenience. As with all other positions, standards and deliverables should be clearly stated and met.
  • Do not forget the staples i.e., hiring for culture fit. Also conduct due diligence on potential hires.  

In conclusion…

There is no one size fits all approach as organisational needs differ. The key is to consider the option/options that best allow you attract and retain top talent. This will help maintain your growth trajectory.

Part of the services we offer at UnoCasa is recruitment. We can help you fill those vital positions in your organisation within the shortest timeframe. Reach out to us on hello@unocasaltd.com to get started.

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