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Ekundayo Odele

Small apple vs Big apple shows difference between working for a small/big company and how it affects career growth
Small apple, Big apple

We love corporations and big companies; they inspire us and show us nothing is impossible. They set standards that become industry best practices, they revolutionize how work is done, and we get that feel good factor when we work for and or with them. Working with one has a big impact on career growth. There is also the “generous” perks and benefits.

Everyone wants to work for the big companies, but can we? A large number Banking & Finance graduates would give an arm and a leg to work at The World Bank. Engineering geeks who worship Elon Musk would love to work at Tesla. Big companies are cool and plenty fun, but small companies also have a lot to offer. Many jobseekers often overlook the opportunities presented by small businesses and miss out on what could be a great learning experience for their career growth

Here are a few reasons why you should consider working for a small business:

  1. You get noticed quicker: If you want quick feedback and mentoring on your work, then you’re in for an exciting time working for a small business. Since there are fewer employees around, all contributors are easily spotted.
  2. Learn Quickly: You will likely work on projects of all sizes, wear many hats including Customer service, business development, and may likely work with top management on them which will speed up learning. Learning with lower stakes will do wonders for your career growth .
  3. Build confidence: Confidence is an essential skill as you journey through life. A great boss at a small business will help you build your confidence quickly as they grant you access to various levels of interactions with customers and vendors.
  4. Responsibility and Decision making: You will be given more responsibility, be accountable for more and have the opportunity to be part of decision-making.   
  5. Flexibility & Adaptability: You wear many hats and things move rapidly so you will need to adjust quickly stretching your flexibility muscles. It is a sink or swim situation and swimming is a lot of fun.
  6. Creativity: Smaller companies have fewer resources, but they still have to focus on delivering solutions to their customers. You will be forced to get creative in order to meet your goals.
  7. Speed with ideas: Ideas tend to move quicker at smaller companies. You try, succeed, or fail fast, and you move on or readjust quickly.

However, there are some trade-offs…

  1. Money: Although smaller companies are doing better with competitive total benefits i.e. pay, holidays, flexi hours, work environment, they may not be able to keep up with the bigger companies. It is a temporary trade off. All the experience you gain at smaller companies translate to more money when you do move on.
  2. SOPs, maybe: Not to say that some smaller businesses may not have SOP’s, big companies definitely have standard operating procedures. You may have to wing it at smaller businesses but that is what presents the learning opportunities.
  3. Overall quality of clientele: Let’s face it, the bigger businesses have the cream of the crop clientele. They have the biggest offices, attend top of the line corporate events and use top in class technology and brand presence.

A very vital caveat

Like every position you apply for, working for a small or large organisation is a personal decision that should tie in with where you are in your career at any point. What you think is best for your career growth. Also, all that glitters is not gold so it is important to do your groundwork and make sure that you like what the any organisation represents before you join them. Research how they treat employees, their organisational culture and the things that are important to you.

Remember, life is journey, have fun on the trip.

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