You can switch careers and it doesn’t make you fickle

History has recorded the following careers linked to Abraham Lincoln:

  1. Boatman
  2. Store Clerk
  3. Surveyor
  4. Militia Soldier
  5. Postmaster
  6. Inventor
  7. Lawyer
  8. Congressman
  9. United States Senator
  10. 16th President of The United States

By most accounts, having as many as ten careers will be labelled Inconsistent and undisciplined by the kindest critic.  Yet, Abraham Lincoln’s name is ensconced in the history books as one of the most successful presidents that ever lived  and the driver of the Emancipation Proclamation that abolished slavery and granted African Americans freedom.


TD Jakes, a renowned Christian Preacher, has varied careers in writing, music, preaching, counselling, TV and movie production, public speaking, cooking.  He noted that while these careers seem diverse, there is a single skill that runs through all.  That skill is communication.  TD Jakes is a communicator and uses a plethora of platforms to communicate.


The same can be said of Abraham Lincoln.  He used different careers to express his inherent passion of servitude. He was a servant leader.


Yes, there is validity in sticking to a singular career path and both men did that.  They developed a specific talent that cut across diverse fields.


When you find yourself on an interview panel and you are described as being ‘fickle”, ‘inconsistent”,  “shifting”, “erratic”, lay claim to the singular trait that you have developed in your careers.  It might be punctuality, hard work, detailed-ness, self-mastery, reliability, integrity, passion, etc. You can only be inconsistent if your supervisors in the different careers have conflicting things to say about you. Think about that!


Be Bold! Be Committed!