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How to build culture in a remote team

The world has been turned upside down and even though it will right itself some day, the process is a work in progress with very a lot of agility at the moment. For most businesses, if you never considered remote as a company-wide option, it is now up front and centre and unavoidable. Although working […]

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Money Quest: The People/Equipment Debacle

We know without a doubt that people are an organisation’s greatest asset; why do most companies continue to treat equipment and machinery better than people? Love people and use things, don’t use people and love things…. John Zedomi, MD/CEO John Zedomi & Associates In my search for what a business’s assets are, nowhere does it […]

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Solitude : The state or situation of being alone” When was the last time you were alone? Not deserted or lonely, but  alone with yourself. When was the last time you took time off from the world tojust be by yourself? One narrative I’ve always found fascinating is the one that paints solitude to mean […]

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