Creative Visualization

If there is any movie I think is under appreciated, it would be “Lucy”. You know, the movie about the lady who had some stuff ingested into her system that made it possible for her to use up to 100% of her brain? Remember all the amazing things she did – changing her hair color, modifying herself and all those other cool stuff we low-key wish we could do? Now here’s a thought; What if we could do those things? No, this is not a joke. What if we could?

The human brain is not given the credit it deserves, not by a long shot. That, or we underestimate it. It is a masterpiece! For example, a study carried out by scientists discovered that you can actually tone your muscles and grow stronger just by imagining yourself working out; simply picturing yourself working out stimulates your muscles and works on your body the way actual exercise would. Dear people who want to work out but are too lazy to get up and get to it, are you seeing this?!

So then, if the brain has so much power over the body, do you now see why it just might be possible to do the things portrayed in that movie? What if all you have to do is picture it to become it? This would beg the question “What do you see?”

This is not just some attempt to be philosophical; it is a real question. One we don’t seem to ask ourselves very often. The law of attraction states that you attract whatever you allow your mind to dwell on, and that goes for everything from your body goals to career goals, to basically whatever it is you feed your mind with, which brings us to creative visualization.

Creative visualization is a very powerful thing; it can be used to expedite healing, to minimize physical pain, to reduce anxiety, and to increase your productivity. The simple truth of it is, you cannot become what you cannot picture. Visualization is key in becoming, in achieving. So I’m asking again. What do you see?

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