Global Trends That Affect Us – New Challenges & roles of the surviving Manager

global trends that affect us
global trends that affect us
“Global trends that affect us”, Ndiana Mattew

Global Trends That Affect Us – The state of affairs of sundry African nations sometimes belie the reality that we are continually being shaped and affected by global trends that affect us, positively & negatively. Africa’s economies are no longer immune to the digital disruptions and trends that hit us faster than we can blink – at the speed of the internet, or maybe, a thought. It is imperative for organisational preservation to review, adapt and modify our cultures & management systems, as truly , the only constant thing in organisational development is Change.

We premiered our vintage digital knowledge and value dissemination platform ”The Wednesday Series” on Twitter at 20:00 GMT on Wednesday 12 September, 2018 . Young Pan African strategist extraordinaire, Ndiana Matthew discussed how digital disruptions are redefining new norms, values, management systems, bottomlines and even consumer behavior and engagement. Leaving only one imperative for business : Adapt or die.

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UnocasaHR: @ndiana Thank you for sharing with us tonight. #UnocasaWednesday

Ndiana Matthew: Good evening @UnocasaHR Pleased to share thoughts with you and twitterverse’ on #UnocasaWednesday

UnocasaHR: @ndiana, can you please give us a brief introduction into your professional experience. #UnocasaWednesday

Ndiana Matthew: I have 16yrs + multi-disciplinary experiences in E&P, Retail, Telecomms, E-commerce, Media, Marketing/Corporate Communications and Strategy fields with multinational to Startup organizations in Africa and Europe #UnocasaWednesday

I’ve shared the thrill of logging/analyzing well cores from Nigeria’s biggest deep sea oilfield as a management intern to producing apparel in Africa worn by @Beyonce and @Lupita_Nyongo at my time at @KISUAonline #unocasawednesday

UnocasaHR: @Ndiana how important is today’s topic to you?

Ndiana Matthew: I’m passionate about visionary leadership and management systems and people

UnocasaHR: What is the changing of reality of organization life?

Ndiana Matthew: We live in a world of VUCA: Volatility, uncertainty, complexity, & Ambiguity. This has caused so much disruption in the way organizations do business, and blurred the lines between traditionally large companies and startups in terms of strategy, and management. Hierarchical management/leadership systems have given way to flatter, hybrid structures and in some cases no structure at all, just culture. Company culture, a hitherto intangible value, is beginning to weigh more in delivering bottom-lines. We’ve seen success stories from  Zappos who underpin their service philosophy on 10 values, which enable it to scale at the rate it has. Size has been kept to a minimum, with the company know to offer new hires $4000 (upped from $2000) to quit at the end of a 5wk training program. Their values empower their employees to make decisions on their own based on a shared set of values.


UnocasaHR: What are the effects of digitization?

Ndiana Matthew: Unthinkable disruptions have taken place around our world. Global giants have made way for viral startups. Technology companies have displaced commodity companies at the top of the most valuable companies index. This year we saw the most valuable company on the NYSE hit trillion dollar mark. The world’s largest Taxi company owns no vehicles (UBER). Accommodation provider, owns no property (Airbnb). Telco owns no infrastructure (SKYPE). Retailer owns no inventory (Amazon) Media company owns no content (Google/Facebook).Movie house owns no cinemas (Netflix)

And the fastest growing banks thriving on the convenience of mobile technology. The rules of the game have changed and both clients and employees expect more. These are all global trends that affect us.


UnocasaHR: Due to the changing reality of organization life and digitization what are the organizations under transition? What kinds of jobs are being threatened by the global trends that affect us?


Ndiana Matthew: The following organizations are under transition: Postal service, Cinema, Printers, Banks, Telephone companies, Shopping centres, Newspapers/magazines ,Taxis, Drilling companies.

The following jobs are under threat in the United States:

Taxi drivers (180,000 plus 600,000 with Uber); Truck drivers (3,500); Store workers (5,000,000 to be replaced by sensors on all products); Investment advisors (Blackrock is replacing stock pickers with robots); Journalists (Being replaced with algorithms that create articles every 30 seconds); Lawyers (Being replaced by algorithms that research and file more accurately than humans)


UnocasaHR: what are the challenges and trends impacting the role of a manager?

Ndiana Matthew: Just to list a couple of these global trends that affect us;

  • Technology has evolved beyond our wildest imagination
  • Jobs are being created and lost quickly
  • New industries are springing up and others are disappearing.
  • Printing, publishing, travel agencies, newspapers, taxi services, shopping malls, hotels are some of a growing list of casualties already or soon to be!
  • New industries are springing up, mostly requiring knowledge workers
  • Economic and political policies are being influenced by circumstances outside of their country.
  • Competitive forces have changed. Outsourcing is now global.
  • Stakeholders needs have changed. Expectations are increasing all the time.
  • Transparency has become increasingly important
  • New technologies businesses are springing up that are providing us with services that we could never imagine only a couple of years ago
  • Old forms of organization design are becoming obsolete
  • People are connecting internationally and with high frequency
  • Social media is fast becoming the dominant method of marketing
  • Meeting the needs and expectations of each new generation of employees and a multi-cultural workforce are posing real challenges for organizations
  • Baby boomers will be retiring in large numbers over the next 10 years
  • The need to create a bigger pool of future leaders has become urgent
  • Internationally savvy leaders are in high demand
  • Education methodologies and opportunities are changing quickly
  • Intimacy of communications is disappearing and reverting to electronic communications
  • Cyber-crime has become a BIG business
  • Crime syndicates are working internationally
  • Benchmarking needs to be global to be effective.
  • Speed continues to be a strategic competitive weapon.
  • Meeting the needs of clients will give way to the need to exceed their expectations.

Climate change and environmental issues have become more important than ever for individuals, organizations and the public sector.

Millennial employees, now numbering about 25% of the workforce will become the majority of workers by 2025. They will bring different needs and expectations to organizations that will require significant managerial change and challenges.


UnocasaHR: What do employees want and how do we engage their expectations?


Ndiana Matthew: Managers would need to adapt to the following compulsory needs of team members: To be Listened to and participate in the management process, the right to know and be informed about company policies & decisions made above their head, and finally, to get feedback from their line manager, ”how are we doing?”. How these 3 components are managed by any organization’s leadership, will determine the happiness and motivation of any organization’s teams and impinge directly on productivity.


UnocasaHR: What is the growing percentage of millennials in the labour market, how do we measure their expectations?


Ndiana Matthew: Talking about the global trends that affect us, Millennial employees, now numbering about 25% of the workforce will become the majority of workers by 2025. They will bring different needs and expectations to organizations that will require significant managerial change and challenges.  Organizations will need to cater to the following needs of millennials or risk talent flight; Meaning/Purpose , Flexibility , Continuous learning , Career roadmap , Variety, Appreciation , Autonomy .


UnocasaHR: Keeping your employees Happy all the way can be difficult. What are the challenges of motivating your employees?


Ndiana Matthew: The challenge of moving employees from primal physiological and security needs to experiencing purpose, meaning and realizing all inner potentials to the need for self -actualization as postulated by Maslow will take organisational leadership translating its corporate vision and mission into a believable culture / cause which explains its “WHY?” Not just “WHAT?” The great ask is, “what  initiative would it take to get our teams to the  next level and thereby improve their motivation and performance?”


UnocasaHR: What do clients seek from their companies?


Ndiana Matthew: The summation of all clients’ needs are; 1. Reliability 2. Responsiveness 3. Empathy 4. Knowledgeable People 5. Tangibility


UnocasaHR:  What are the strategic performance drivers of an effective organization?


Ndiana Matthew: These include but aren’t limited to:

  1. Visionary/Vulnerable Leadership
  2. Evaluation, Planning & Goal Setting
  3. Performance Management
  4. Measurement
  5. Streamlined Systems
  6. Values Based Communications
  7. Talent management
  8. Teamwork
  9. Innovation
  10. Engagement

We can talk about their strategic applications at a subsequent forum.


UnocasaHR: There is an emerging difference between the role of a leader and that of a manager, can please enlighten us on the difference?


Ndiana Matthew: There are leaders, and those who lead. A manager maintains status quo and pushes policy to the detriment of innovation and creativity. A leader, engages his team. influence and feedback are his winning tools. A manager focuses on processes and outcomes, a leader facilitates change and strategically influences his team to exceed targets. A manager is an “expert”, a leader is a lifelong learner, flexible in strategy and open to challenges, mistakes and celebrating innovation in others.


UnocasaHR: @ndiana Thank you for sharing with us tonight. #UnocasaWednesday

Global trends that affect us

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