Inclusive Employment

In today’s open markets, we’ve conquered a lot of workplace issues but still seem to be missing out on inclusive employment. Talent can be found in a variety of locations and in the unlikeliest of places. You improve the quality of solutions you deliver from how diverse your team is as you are able to capture a wide variety of factors of influence and develop better quality products and services.


How far would you go to get the right talent? The pros outweigh the cons and if we all agree there’s a skill deficit, then you should spread your net wide and opt to dig deep.

  1. The retired: Retirement age is 60. Improvements in healthcare means people live longer. It is only reasonable to expect that they work longer and are productive longer. This group has a wealth of experience that helps in developing leadership qualities and abilities of your younger talent. Who would you feel comfortable sending to dispel a client’s fears or settle a professional dispute?
  2. Undergrads: These group of people are the future and if you want to be present in that future, engaging them early will put you in good stead and build loyalty.
  3. People with disabilities: Brilliant minds housed in ‘’defective’’ clay containers. Would you miss out on a Stephen Hawkin, a Nyle DiMarco, or a Beethoven on your team? These brilliant minds are all around us, look beyond the casing, embrace the mind and enjoy the benefits.
  4. Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’s): Imagine the shoe were on the other foot and by some unfortunate stroke of luck, your whole world turned upside down. Would you want to remain in a camp or be quickly re-absorbed into work which gives meaning, and start rebuilding your life especially when you have the requisite knowledge, skill and desire to do so?


Today’s world offers more options than ever before, how much of those options are you truly exploring? How inclusive do you want your products and services to be? Inclusive employment may just be what you need to tip the scales.


Life is so much more colourful when we choose from ALL the available options.

Author: Ekundayo Odele

CEO at UnoCasa. People oriented. Trainer, Facilitator. Open to learning and willing to try anything at least once.

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