It’s Who We Are

Our organisational culture reflects what we say and what we do. It has become important to us that we constantly remind ourselves why we do what we do and the things that motivate us.  In the early days, we were fortunate to serve clientele who modeled our beliefs and part of our evolution means that we have had to work with people we came to know had differing thoughts. For clients where our beliefs converged, we consulted and implemented with glee and absolute delight even though the outcomes were slow in coming. When they did become tangible, neither the business, its people nor our team remained the same; we grew in ways that only experience can make you grow.


Over time, we have come to realise how lucky we were to work with such visionaries as CEO’s of Hatfield Consult Limited  and Maybrands Limited. We know now that the quality of clients we have is more important than the number of clients and how what solutions we proffer we must tie into our core values as an organisation. At some point, we did take on whoever could pay us anything, because after all, bills needed to be paid. As things unfolded, we knew without a doubt that we needed to be true to our organisational culture and who we are. This type of decision comes at a cost; we had to temporarily pause or outright end existing business relationships so that we could focus on making sure what we do tied into who we are and why we do any of it. We needed ‘’intent’’ to reflect in everything we did.


Our tagline at UnoCasa is ‘’Your People Are Your Advantage’’; it is our culture to embody that notion in all our practices; in-house in the way we treat each other and externally, in the way we interact with teams in organisations we serve. We believe every single person can thrive if you find what makes him or her tick. Our solutions are human centred, they have to be, people are an organisation’s greatest asset, they transform the intangible into tangible, and emotions make them peculiar and interesting to nurture. When people are watered, they blossom. We love helping clients find the water.

When we served businesses that did not value their people, we struggled. In the end, we made a liberating decision; we would no longer take on any business that was not committed to its people.

In essence, the ying to our yang:

  1. Understand the realities of today’s talent pool and are willing to be creative about pre- or up-skilling potential and current talent
  2. Have a desire for people to grow personally, professionally and financially
  3. Know that growing their people has a direct impact on how quickly and how well their business grows

These people are aware that they may not like some of the outcomes but commitment to the process will yield benefits in ways that only posterity can tell.

We’re working with clarity, we’re working with purpose, we’re working with passion. We’re excited, we’re buzzing and we’re tickled at the thought of all the meaningful work ahead of us; it’s not just words, it’s who we are.

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