Networking: You’re still getting communication wrong!

Networking for personal and professional advancement is important; indeed it is very important. The way you communicate will make or break you. Your writing, like how you are dressed, determines how your reader profiles you.


Is there a way to communicate effectively for this purpose? Yes, there is. This list is not exhaustive but we’ve kept it short and sweet to get you on the right trajectory:

  • Be formal: Unless the person you are communicating with asks you to do otherwise. “Hello, dear” is not formal communication for someone you have never met.


  • Cultivate relationships: How early should your asks come? People do business with people they have a relationship with and trust. Work towards both, especially the latter.


  • Give and give more: What you should do instead of asking is give, give, give; connect other people, offer help, solve a problem if you can and build your networking reserves.


  • Tact, manners, respect: When you comment on posts, please be respectful. We can agree to disagree without belittling the other party or parties.


  • Friendly versus familiar: There is a thin line between being friendly and familiar. Learn the difference and improve your writing skills.


  • Quality: Read, proof-read and then read again before you send anything out to anyone. Spelling errors, typos, misplaced punctuations are signs of a sloppy writer. You will be judged on the standard of your writing.


Networking has a significant impact on your progress and should be approached with deliberateness and consciousness. When in doubt about what form your communication should take, keep it simple, keep it formal. If still in doubt, just google the best approach.

Author: Ekundayo Odele

CEO at UnoCasa. People oriented. Trainer, Facilitator. Open to learning and willing to try anything at least once.

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