On Demand HR

We have broken HR into bite-sized services for you so that you can ‘’order’’ just what you need when you need it. 

On Demand HR provides byte sized HR services to companies of varying sizes. Our goal is to meet every organization at points of need whatever the age and size of the business. Our approach is bespoke to every client. 


  1. HR Starter Pack includes policy manual, basic employee documentation requirements, new employee and onboarding checklists HR Best Practice Pack provides you solutions around your people strategy and gives you an outline for your human resources practices. 
  2. Build your HR Pack allows you choose a combination of HR services best suited for your business. 

Choose from our range of one-off or subscription based services to meet your HR needs. 

  •     One-Off Service    
  •     Subscription Based Services   
    One-Off Service    

One-off Services

Admin Documentation

We provide you the basic documents to help drive employee administrative services (employment letters and terms of engagement, on-boarding checklist, policy manual, policies and procedures handbook)

Talent Acquisition

One off recruitment services for specific roles.

HR Best Practice

Our On Demand HR services support you in bringing your organization to the best practice level in your industry as it relates to: 

  1. HR Audit– Optimal HR performance of your HR departmentHR strategy & department 
  2. KPI’s – Aligning your HR goals with the overall business strategy and goals and transcending to the various departments
  3. Salary Bench-marking – We ensure that your salaries and reward system are competitive within your industry, through research and comparison with the best companies in the industry.
  4. HR Planning – Deploying of skills need assessment, job description and KPI development for the various roles in your organization to ensure optimal performance of your organizations structure and clear definition of the responsibilities all roles. 

    Subscription Based Services   

Subscription Based Services

Outsource your HR department to UnoCasa so you can focus on growing your business.

Talent Management 

  • Performance Management: Checking the performance of your team should be suited to your business type. We help your people understand their role and check their performance regularly to make sure they perform in line with your business goals.
  • Employee engagement & retention: Your people and your business benefit when your employees are engaged and want to remain with your organisation. We help you build the relationship that ensures this happens. 

Employee Admin services

  • Employee Services Administration
  • Payroll/Outsourcing 

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