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Established as a full services Human Resources Consultancy organisation, our company has evolved to become a team of vibrant individuals whose driving forces are excellence, continuous learning, commitment to the customer’s process and having a great time at work. 

We are passionate about people and the way their interactions with everyday life affects their productivity and quality of life. All our solutions are tailored to the customer’s industry and business needs. 

We are also a team of futurists who believe in designing and implementing the future we want to live in, whether it is in business or society. 

We want you to succeed and walk with you through developing and deploying human solutions. The best part for us is learning about what you do and the opportunity to be a part of your story.

Want to have a baseline about how your industry works? 

Our talent, jobs and workplace reports offer you a vista of analysis, trends and opportunities.

How We Work.


Understand your business and focus on your bottom-line
Organized approach, detailed and track-able performance
Reliability & Integrity: We do what we say we will do 
Commitment: Our results are measurable 
Teamwork: Our team pairs up with your team to ensure there is internal participation and ownership

Meet The Team

Ekundayo Odele
Emmanuel U. Ojo 
Gift Yusuf 
John Paul Ugbe

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UnoCasa, Your Strategic Human Resource Partner