Positive energy and converting ‘’Trash’’ to ‘’Treasure’’



It is safe to assume most everybody has heard of Stephen King… you should have heard of Stephen king; horror genius, Author of “It”, “Carrie”, “The Dark Tower”? If you’re a fan of horror stories, then you absolutely should know Stephen King.


This article isn’t one about Stephen King’s genius – although he is a genius, undoubtedly – this is about his first story, “Carrie”, and how the story almost didn’t make it to limelight. Stephen King had a brilliant idea for a story while he was working a shift, cleaning up a girls’ bathroom at his summer job as a janitor in Brunswick High. He sat down to put to writing, but somehow, somehow the story just seemed like trash to him. So he did what almost everybody would do in that position; he crumpled the sheets of paper and tossed them into the bin, after all that’s where they likely belonged. Imagine his surprise, then, when he got home the next day to find that his wife had picked them out of the trash, straightened the sheets of paper, read them, and was demanding more! “Happy wife, happy life” eh? So he obliged. The story would later go on to become his first ever published novel, and what’s more, went on to become a record-breaking bestselling novel!


Okay, that’s the story of Stephen King. Now let’s put that aside and just talk, creative to creative. Just how many times have you felt like whatever you were trying to create wasn’t going to make the cut? Like it just wasn’t good enough, like it belonged in the trash? If experience serves, it would be safe to say this happens to every creative at some point or the other. Sometimes, it’s so serious that you start wondering if you’re in the right field. Like are you really a writer? What if you’re not made for music? What if?


And honestly? It’s alright. It’s alright to sometimes feel like what you’re doing is not good enough; but imagine if Stephen King hadn’t finished “Carrie”. Imagine if his wife hadn’t seen the potential in what he called trash. For a creative, one of the most important things would be to surround oneself with positive energy. With people who see the potential in what you do. And when you start to feel like you’re churning out trash, take a break. Have somebody go over what you’ve done, and then get right back to it.


It’s never trash, it’s just raw material!

Author: Yvonne Edughele

Edughele Yvonne has been a writer since 2016, and has ghost-written over 10 books so far. A graduate of University of Lagos, she has gone ahead to get a certificate in Consumer Behavior Psychology. Yvonne resides in Lagos, Nigeria.

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