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Living and working in a high impact city has a lot of benefits; high energy, fast paced, professional exposure, entertainment and lots of excitement. The downside also exists in the form of long working hours, unending traffic, a high cost of living, high levels of stress and sometimes, poor health. Most of it outside of our control, but good health is not and we should not allow it become so.


If you live in a major city, you may sadly, have become desensitized to the frequency of diagnosis of stress related diseases. Staying healthy is without a doubt one of the things is 100% within your control. It takes some sacrifice, discipline and commitment, but that’s pale when compared to hospital bills and having to manage debilitating illnesses that can be avoided. The paradox of healthy living, however, is that for something so important, it is also severely overlooked, deemed unimportant in the face of seemingly “more important” things like work. What we fail to see, unfortunately, is that our state of healthiness – or unhealthiness, as the case may be – is a determinant factor in just how productive we are at work.



Like most people, you may have hopped on – and then off – the “fit fam” train, promised yourself many times that you will start working out an hour a day? How did that turn out? The thing about living healthy, is that it’s not a quick fix. It can’t be a quick fix. Living healthy isn’t something you binge on. It’s more than a three-day fruit cleansing and intensive detoxification. It is not magic either, you can’t just wake up and begin to do one hour at the gym every day. It’s a process; a series of intentional lifestyle adjustments, geared toward a clear goal – to be healthier.



Healthy living involves understanding that “you are what you eat, how you move, rest and sleep”.

What you eat actually literally translates to your ability to function properly. Eating healthy contributes to your cognitive ability reduces fatigue and irritability, increases energy levels and logical thinking, and increases all-round productivity.



There is also exercise. It is possible to come up with a lot of seemingly logical reasons to not workout; not enough time, not enough energy, no gym equipment, no hot workout clothes… a lot of reasons, and they’re logical. However, living healthy is nowhere near complete without physical activity. I know you drive. I know Lagos wahala (hassle) is enough stress for a year. But stress is not exercise. Exercising helps to keep blood pressure in check, fights obesity, helps the heart, and reduces risk of diabetes. In the workplace, exercising regularly aids your memory, helps concentration, and enhances creativity! It’s always a great idea to incorporate exercise into our everyday lives; from walking to jogging or running to leg raises that can be done in the office while sitting at our desks, to skipping the elevator and taking the stairs, exercise does a whole lot of good for the body.



In addition to eating healthy and working out often, living healthy also involves knowing your numbers; blood pressure, blood sugar, BMI. It includes drinking more water, fighting to be and staying happy as well as getting enough sleep.



Remember, you can only give what you have. If you’re not at your health’s best, you can’t give much. Always remember that! Take care of yourself. It’s important!

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