Talent Acquisition and HR Consultancy in Nigeria

Talent Acquisition

Having the right people on your team is a non-negotiable requirement for every business. Our detailed talent acquisition and HR consultancy in Nigeria process guarantees businesses are able to engage the right people and that talent is matched with companies that require them on time. The process starts with screening for competencies and another for culture fit so that by the time company and talent meet, the synergies are clear and decisions are made quickly. 

Our HR Consultancy services include but are not limited to

HR Strategy Development

In other words, who do you employ, when do you employ them, how do you find them to employ? How do you keep them and how do you ensure you have a great employer brand that attracts talent? Whether your business is a day old or 100 years old, we collaborate with you to design a people solution that makes certain you have qualified resources to deploy your business strategy at every point in your business cycle. In addition to other bespoke solutions, check out our talent pool development programme here.

HR Audit

Reviews the entire gamut of how your people fit into the plans of your organization. We audit your HR strategy, policies and processes, competencies and tools of operation amongst others and make recommendations that align people to results.

Strategic HR Management

Outsourcing your people management allows you focus on your core business and growth plans. We take time to understand your business goals, agree your needs and manage your team for performance results. We co-design and manage the structures, policies and processes and that best suit your business type and size. It’s no wonder why we are considered one of the best in talent acquisition and HR consultancy in Nigeria.

Research & Reports 

Want to have a baseline about how your industry works? We are adept at research and putting information together in a way that you can use for decision making. Our talent, jobs and workplace reports offer you a vista of analysis, trends and opportunities.  

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