My favorite channel on DSTV has to either be BBC Lifestyle or Food Network, and for one singular reason; to get a feel of people, of places, of diversity. One really great way to get exposure is by traveling. And we cannot speak enough about travel.


Traveling is an absolutely amazing way to gather experience an exposure – to try new things, see new places, eat foods you’ve not eaten before, learn about cultures and lifestyle of people outside of your bubble, and really just live. If you’ve never traveled before; whether because of funds, time, or whatever other limitations you might have had, it might just be time to add “travel” to your bucket list!


As amazing as traveling is, budgeting for it is probably the least fun part of traveling. Watching the figures grow as you add more things to the list of stuff you would need to have a great time. Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive though. I know that might be a little hard to believe, and your eyebrows have probably shot up already, but there are certain guidelines to traveling, and if they’re followed, traveling would be a lot smoother and less expensive:


  • Plan to Travel: Like every endeavor worth embarking on, travel should be planned for. This includes doing research, deciding where exactly you would like to travel to, and then doing your findings about the place. Do you want to take a plane or a bus? Do you need a visa to go? What activities would you like to do when you get there? Where would you be staying? About how much would you need? Be careful to make your budget as realistic as possible, preferably leaving extra money for miscellaneous expenses. It is advisable to make the plan about a year or a couple months before the trip, so you can open up an account and begin to save up for it.
  • Travel with friends or with a travel club: Traveling with friends is multipurpose. You get to share the pleasant moments with people you care about, you have something to laugh about much later, you have people to take your bomb pictures, and you get to save money. Think about it. Splitting 700,000 among 7 friends is a lot more economical than having to shoulder 350,000 all by yourself.
  • Do your research: This cannot be overemphasized. When going to a new place, no amount of research is too much. This includes knowing the language, or at least enough to get around, finding out what their food is like, what the weather condition is like, general etiquette, and pretty much every other piece of information you can lay your hands on.
  • Start local: When planning to travel, it is often very easy to chalk up places like Dubai, Kenya, Zanzibar, Canada, Russia, Santorini… all those exotic places. But traveling to these places are super expensive. So here’s an idea. Why don’t you start traveling within Nigeria? There are a couple beautiful places in Nigeria you could start from, Click here to see, and then gradually work your way to other African countries. It saves cost while you save up for the much grander travels, and no travel experience is a waste!


I hope this is enough motivation to get started on your travel plans!

Author: Yvonne Edughele

Edughele Yvonne has been a writer since 2016, and has ghost-written over 10 books so far. A graduate of University of Lagos, she has gone ahead to get a certificate in Consumer Behavior Psychology. Yvonne resides in Lagos, Nigeria.

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