Your Business is Dead on Arrival (DOA) without ‘’Trust’’

As a business that supports organisations through their people strategy, we repeatedly deal with the problem of loyalty. Most employers complain and often think they have engaged the wrong team member. Sometimes, this is the case but most of the time, the root cause of the lack of loyalty is ‘’Trust’’; trust in business.

When your employees or team members do not trust you, it becomes near impossible for them to apply themselves sufficiently to the point of delivering excellence. They are neither committed to the person nor the vision and only do the minimum required to remain on the job in order to keep body and soul together. The result being mediocrity and/or a high level of attrition; either one of which is unsettling for any business.

Merriam Webster’s dictionary describes trust as ‘’assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something’’

Every word in the definition of trust is poignant but the phrase ‘’reliance on character’’ stands out. My interpretation of it meaning that I can be 100% sure about the outcome of any input, forgive the mathematical brain.


Trust in business is important because when in effect:

  • You can predict an outcome;
  • Prediction breeds confidence;
  • Confidence breeds security;
  • Security breeds loyalty;
  • Loyalty draws out the best in your team and eventually takes you to the bank.

The bank is where business owners want to be, yet, we consistently miss the most critical ingredient of all; building trust.

Trust in business is not easy to build but build it you must because a trust-able system reflects on your customers and your business’s bottom-line.

As a leader, trust goes beyond how you feel or what your personal circumstances are at any point; trust requires that you remain committed even when you get outcomes you do not like; trust is uncomfortable and painful but building trust is growth.


How to build trust:

  • Be transparent, be fair and be just in your dealings with your team members
  • Be consistent: do what you say and say what you do
  • Show that you value your team
  • Reflect your values in your day to day operations
  • Do what is right rather than what is comfortable


Things to build trust around:

  • Your culture
  • Your quality of service
  • Your processes
  • Your people; from engagement to management


If you want to accomplish your business goals, building a trustworthy environment is non-negotiable. The benefits outweigh the risks and our recommendation will always be to stay committed to the process.


“If you don’t have trust inside your company, then you can’t transfer it to your customers.” —Roger Staubach

Author: Ekundayo Odele

CEO at UnoCasa. People oriented. Trainer, Facilitator. Open to learning and willing to try anything at least once.

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