What work should NEVER take away from you


If we take a second to look critically at our lives, as workers or business people, we’d begin to see just how much our lives have begun to revolve around work. We tend to get carried away with it – so carried away, sometimes, that the entirety of our days, weeks and years become devoted to it. Now, this is not entirely a bad thing, getting immersed in work. Where the problem lies, is how we tend to forget other areas of our lives, which in the long run, are actually more important than work. Some of the things your job should never take away from you are:


  • Family: If you never had to grow up with a parent who was constantly jetting off chasing contract after contract, then you might not fully understand how fortunate you are. Sadly, family is one of the easiest aspects of life to consider; to brush off because “they’d still be there when I get back”. However, constantly chasing work could cause you to miss some important developments. Like how Chris Brown had to find out on Instagram that his daughter had started walking? You don’t want that, do you?


  • Friendships: Very similar to family, it’s easy to keep your friends on hold because of work. What we tend to forget, however, is that when all is said and done, these are the people that hold it down for you.



  • Love: Working 9-5 jobs already make it difficult to socialize. Trying to get a startup on its feet makes it even more impossible. At some point, it’s easy to begin to imagine that one can live without love; but we really can’t, we weren’t designed to and shouldn’t. Make time for love – people, passions and things you love.


  • Adventure: Traveling, climbing Mount Everest, taking a swim in the ocean might just seem like a waste of precious time, but adventure is great. Do something new, do something different, take up a challenge, alone or with company. Keep pushing your boundaries. Adventure keeps you young and vibrant. Variety makes it even more exciting. Push your boundaries and have a blast at it.



  • Healthy Living: This is also one of the easiest but detrimental things to ignore. Exercising becomes a thing of the past when you’re too busy waking up as early as possible to beat traffic, or when you get back really late and all you want to do is sleep. Eating healthy is difficult on the go and you have to get creative with meals. We know being sedentary is extensively damaging to health and need to include as much natural movement as is possible to fit in. Eat better, move more, you know the drill; borrowing from Nike, ‘’just do it’’.


Every so often, it is necessary to take a step back, to recalibrate, redefine the things that are truly important in the bigger picture. While work is important, we need to learn to invest ourselves in the things that truly matter!

Author: Ekundayo Odele

CEO at UnoCasa. People oriented. Trainer, Facilitator. Open to learning and willing to try anything at least once.

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